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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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so far from 9/11, i really think it shows it. >> sean: i will be happy to get the miserable sobs responsible. that is all the time we have left. see you tomorrow night. >> boston marathon and search for the killers is intensifying by the hour. >> at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains roo wide open. >> oh, my god. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found yesterday. >> multiple explosions, windows blown out, sidewalks and streets bloodied. now large teams of investigators and canine units they are
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collecting every shred of evidence and document everything they can find to put clues together. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them. we removed pellets and nails. >> these are the first images what appears to be one of the bombs that exploded in the boston marathon yesterday. >> we're told it is one of the pressure bombs after it exploded. on there you may be able to see an f.b.i. tag. so this is what is left of what caused the chaos in boston. >> among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon that could be from a backpack that appear to be fragments of bbs and nails contained in a pressure cooker device. >> they are expediting this lab
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evidence to quantico, virginia for a thorough analysis. >> in addition the this morning, it was determined that both of the explosives were placed in a dark-colored nylon bag or backpack. bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. at this point it's difficult to determine specific components that were used until we can eliminate other factors that may have been already present. >> greta: who is the evil killer? who killed an eight-year-old child and terrorized thousands of people. new information, photos of deadly explosives to take a look what is left of one of bombs. our fox station in atlanta believed to show the actual bomb used in the attack. for the latest, we go to rick levanthol live in boston. rick, the latest? >> reporter: remarkable set of photographs.
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you heard clips from the news conference from the f.b.i. and other authorities who made very clear they believe the bomb was in fact a pressure cooker and two separate backpacks. they were looking for someone who may have carrying those bags which would have been heavier than normal. then we get pictures down from our affiliate and photos show a mangled pressure cooker. you can see a stamp on there, gas and electric. other one shows a shredded backpack that matches the description the f.b.i. had given us earlier this evening. clearly these pictures which are labeled as you heard with tags, f.b.i. tagsing appear to be crime scene evidence photos. they appear to show exactly what the f.b.i. is looking for. another picture shows what appears to be ball bearings in some sort of substance that may have been packed in that explosive that went off at the
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finish line of the boston marathon on monday. that was bomb number one, greta. of course, we have another set of photos that was released by whgh, local station in boston by a viewer. those pictures according to the station may show bomb number two which was further down the race, about hundred yards away from the first explosion. it went off 15 seconds after the first explosion. what you see is some sort of package on the curb, on the street side of those melt al barricades and second photo shows the aftermath, it appears to be centered around where the package was. the package gone in photo number two according to whdh, that area is obscured because the victims were so badly injured. they didn't want to show those images in that photo. again, very startling and dramatic developments here when you have photos like these provided by viewers, this is
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exactly what the f.b.i. had been asking for. anyone with pictures, any kind of video from the scene to provide that. television station says and has forwarded those photos to the f.b.i. presumably they are looking at them very closely. >> greta: and viewers who are watching that happened to have been there any photos and video, if they have not looked them through they should do that immediately to help in the investigation. is there any person of interest, any suspect or any indication to anyone? >> no, in fact the saudi national who was discussed yesterday, in fact the f.b.i. and other local and state police served a search warrant at his residence last night, he has been cleared as a suspect. he had been tackled leaving the scene. he had wounds and some thought he was acting suspiciously. they checked him out. he very cooperative, he has now been cleared as a suspect.
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he apparently is no longer considered involved in this. the question is, who did it and why and that is something that these photos and this evidence has been recovered from the scene can help provide. the f.b.i. and other law enforcement is very, very good at this kind of after-incident investigation. they have the product, apparently this bomb was apparently in. they have serial numbers and trace it manufactured it and who sold it and who bought it. that backpack could lead them to the suspect or suspects. they opened a block and shrinking the crime scene which allowed our cameraman to get closer to scene and get a closer look to the crime scene technicians who are there now still tonight working to document every inch of that area and collect every shred of that evidence. that will be sent to quantico,
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virginia and continued search for clues. >> greta: we're posting those pictures on of course, the investigators are looking at the actual construction of the bombs trying to dissect the bomb to track down the killer. f.b.i. just a short time ago confirming that they used pressure cooker explosives. eileen sullivan will be joining us. as far as we know, arlene. tell me are the bombs the same? were they aeye dent cal? >> right now what they see, the evidence they have collected, they believe one of the bombs was contained in a pressure cooker and metal like nails and ball bearings. they think the other bomb was in a metal container but they don't have enough evidence to say it was a pressure cooker.
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>> greta: do they know anything else about the bombs, light smoke, black smoke? >> they don't know what was used to set off the bombs. >> greta: where are these remnants right now? >> they have gone down to the f.b.i. laboratory and they are being analyzed. >> greta: i take it from talking to rick they are still collecting little pieces, not just collecting the larger pieces but every tiny piece? >> the actual bomb scene is still being processed. material that is coming out of the victims' bodies could be considered evidence as well. >> greta: what about the black duffel bag? >> they believe the bombs, one in the pressure cooker and another could container were held in black nylon bags. >> greta: has anyone come forward to say, look, i saw a backpack on the ground. i now recall seeing that?
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>> at this point we have not had that. >> greta: what is the working theory? it was just left there or trash container to hide these in a bag of some sort? >> one person i spoke to said that the bags were left on the ground and not in trashcans. >> greta: no idea when they were left there? >> no, that is not clear. >> anything from the surveillance cameras from the stores? >> i think they are spending a lot of time going through videos and pictures. nobody has told me they have caught anything on the cameras they have seen the actual bomb. >> greta: any indication from looking at the bomb, design of the bomb or placement whether this might be something that would be used in international terrorism? >> it has been used. pressure cooker has been overseas in india and pakistan and is actually used as one of
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the thr explosives in times square bombing in 2010. >> greta: the conversation with the ap, pakistan taliban saying this is not our handy work? >> that is what they said. they say, not to lead anyone to believe this is a foreign attack. they are still trying to decide whether this was domestic terrorist attack. >> greta: i suppose with the ingredients was to get on the internet and log on and find it. >> it would cost about hundred dollars to make this bomb. >> greta: thank you. doctors at massachusetts general hospital are talking about the attack. they say the metal filled bombs left victims piercewood shrapnel. >> we have confirmed we have removed objects from patients that were designed in the
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projectiles and they are ball bearing time or small sharp like a little larger than bb type beads. they are two to three millimeters in diameter. we have also removed over a dozen carpenter type nails. >> greta: we talk to bomb technician. kevin, let me jump in. we are trying to figure out how the investigation will be solved and these bombs will help identify the killer or killers. is it possible that from the pieces of that bomb that in may have been some dna that was deposited from the handling of them that could still be on those bomb parts? >> absolutely. i used to teach a class before i retired and in that class i made all the students aware of the fact that there is no such thing as vaporization. all those components are out on
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the crime scene. quite a few of them will probably have some dna if the bomber was dumb and left the dna they more about dna than we do. it will survive these detonation >> greta: is it impossible not to leave dna under it? i think it would be virtually impossible to be dna free? >> if you are forensicly pure but most criminals are not. they will leave something at the crime scene, something on the ide. years ago in afghanistan i worked a bombing and collected all the evidence. i sent i back to the lab. i never saw what they recovered. they recovered an eyelash from the evidence that i sent them. they examined that eyelash and got dna and found the suspect who was in jail in afghanistan. it does happen. it's tough to be completely forensicly pure.
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so hopefully we'll get lucky. >> greta: this bomb were handed to you as your project, what would you do to try to begin to reverse engineering or try to identify anything that might lead to the killer? what would you do? >> what they are doing right now. they are going to collect all the evidence. even if it's foreign to the scene, not supposed to be there, they are going to pick it up. at the very end of this crime scene, the area will be spotless. they will sent it back to the lab. the lab personnel over the course of few weeks will put the entire device back together again. that is what is going to happen within the next couple of weeks. >> greta: if you find some pellets or nails in there, can you figure out where they were purchased from? can you be that precise? >> that is going to be tough. a ball bearing is a ball bearing. the f.b.i. lab has every
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component, every switch, every ball bearing, every nail and battery known to mankind in a registry. its ball bearing that has been made someplace in taiwan or too thailand they are going to have it. if intact and compare it and hopefully get a match. >> greta: is there any particular part you would look at, anything that is sort of a signature that would lead you to the person? do some bomb makers create the same look at the bomb or use the same materials or unique about a bomb? >> yes, they do. i used to build bombs for a living at f.b.i. and i would use the same switch on every single one of them. i was known for that. this particular individual, since there are two devices, if they were built by the same person might have a signature as well that will help the investigators identify who it was.
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sometimes, however, there is no signature. that just happense of the bomb bill builder's imagination. >> greta: we have put the pictures of the bomb parts on the internet. how much do you think it cost to make one of these bombs? >> it depends on what kind of explosives were used. i'm not sure for sure. i'm only two months removed from the bureau. i'm not about to contact these guys behind me -- i know every one of them. it's possibility low explosives involved in the situation. low explosives are relatively available. homemade explosives. i'm hesitant to guess on how much. i heard hundred bucks, maybe more than that. if you put it altogether and nails and switching mechanism which we have not heard yet,
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it's probably not going to be not a lot of money. >> greta: how long would it take you to build one of these bombs? >> i don't know exactly what is in there. i never built real bombs. it would probably take me no more than an hour, maybe less. >> greta: if someone were building a bomb around you, you see someone go to a hardware store, what are the things, if you new a bomb builder, if you lived in your building, what would you notice, anything? >> not really. there really is nothing that obvious about somebody walking in with a pressure cooker and day later box of nails and box of ball bearings. >> greta: kevin, thank you. we have confidence going to find the killer.
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thank you, kevin. tonight we are learning more about the three innocent people who were killed in this terror attack. one of them an eight-year-old boy, martin richard was watching the race with his family. his mother and sister both seriously injured. his mother is in critical condition tonight after brain surgery. his six-year-old sister has lost a leg in the explosion. then another victim identified today, chris cal campbell of medford, massachusetts. she was a restaurant manager who went with her best friend to cheer on the runners. her mother spoke today this is so painful to listen to the mother. but we decided we should not sugar coat the magnitude of this cruelty. >> our hearts are broken. everybody that knew her loved her.
7:18 pm
she had a heart of gold. she was all smiles. i can't believe this has happened. it still doesn't make any sense. >> greta: you wonder how somebody could be so cruel to this mother. and boston university now saying one of the graduate students was victim number three. the school is not releasing the student's name but the chinese consulate the victim was chinese national. >> fox news alert a letter sent to a u.s. senator tested positive for the poison ricin. >> scary times. reminds you the days after 9/11 when the whole nation was
7:19 pm
horrified and anthrax letters shut down the hart office building. system worked in this case because it was stopped in its tracks at mail facility in maryland. the authorities figured out what it was. it did not get to the capital and did not affect employees on capitol hill. >> greta: ricin as i understand it is more potent than anthrax? >> yes. very disturbing stuff. there was a scare with ricin in 2004. something addressed to the united states senator, it came from a guy in mississippi who is apparently a frequent letter writer. they could tell from the tone of the letter. dropped the letter in memphis, tennessee but from the nature of the writing, they were able to figure out who they believe is behind it. you better believe that federal authorities are going to have questions for that person. >> greta: it's amazing when people do things like this, they
7:20 pm
put their names -- a series of letters they have be been writing and point the finger at themselves. >> absolutely. there is concern for the united states postal service, there were a number of employees before it got to the senate facility outside of washington, d.c. if you were driving a united states mail truck and had this parcel in the back of your truck obviously you would have concerns. good news you are alive but you had some deadly stuff in the truck. >> greta: any idea where he got the ricin. >> we have not heard anything about that. that is something authorities may know. they may be withholding because they want to talk to the person first. they have been careful with the language, a short statement from senator wicker thanking the authorities doing their job and doing a great job to protect people and make sure this never got to the u.s. capital complex,
7:21 pm
but at this point they are being careful with the information. >> greta: it's so weird the coincidence, 9/11 we had 9/11 and two weeks later, something was involved with anthrax investigation. it's hard not to ignore the fact it looks like 2001. there is no one tying this together? >> not at this time. we haven't looked at the letter what he may have been ranting about. >> greta: and the f.b.i. said the mail to the senate but not the house? >> they wanted to make sure there wasn't cross contamination to make sure the deadly substance doesn't end up on another package. >> greta: mike, thank you. tonight the f.b.i. pleading for the public's help to find the boston marathon bomber. >> the person who did this is
7:22 pm
someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. anyone who may have speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> greta: what does law enforcement already know? chair of homeland committee. had you a briefing today from homeland. what can you tell snus is there any indication this is terrorism originating overseas? >> i think that is good question. is this foreign terrorism or domestic. that was the first one it was an act of terrorism. this pressure cooker device i think is insightful because the weapon of choice by the terrorists in the middle east. we've seen this device go off against our soldiers in afghanistan and in pakistan and iraq. so it's definitely something
7:23 pm
that they've used before. the question is whether it was made overseas or the united states. could have been a foreign inspired thing with a home-grown terrorist in united states. >> greta: isn't that the problem. there are a lot of unanswered questions. we're now about 24-30 hours past this. maybe the f.b.i. could be searching someone's home. that often happens and find out they are making the arrest a thousand miles away. the fact that the homeland security didn't see this one coming. i understand. it's difficult and with 30 hours and we still don't have any more information. it seems rather disconcerting. >> if you don't catch them within 24 hours it's a more difficult case. good news is we have this device. it's being examined in quantico
7:24 pm
for forensics. as you earlier mentioned there is so many things we can find out about footprints and signatures to determine where it came from. >> that person sitting in yemen watching satellite tv watching us talk about. >> that is my concern. i'm glad they grounded out bound flights as they did to possibly stop somebody flying back the world trade center bomber or times square bomber was stopped. this is exactly the same device that the times square bomber tried to use back in 2010. i think a bystander stopped it in advance. as you indicated, we had no warning of this. there was no chatter or intelligence to warn us that raises a lot of issues whether it's foreign or domestic. we won't really know until we have all the evidence examined
7:25 pm
from the device itself which should happen in the next 24 hours. hopefully, capture the terrorist. >> greta: from what i understood this is a signature bomb that suesed in many foreign terrorism. it's also very readily available and simple to make, costs about hundred bucks, doesn't take more than an hour to make. it's baffling. it could be either one and at the same time, i don't have a strong sense they are on to anybody. >> inspire magazine basically instructs how to build a bomb in your mom's kitchen, detailed how to do this. it's all over the internet. whether this is foreign inspired or not. it could be a home-grown terrorist. we just don't have all the answers right now. >> greta: briefing from homeland security janet napolitano, did
7:26 pm
she say we're on to somebody? >> i've had briefings with law enforcement, as well. they don't have specific leads at this point. >> this is like a fran sick search and all we have is a bomb. >> i do think it's something is going to come out on this bomb and lead us to where it originated. the other issue we do have a lot of photos. >> greta: we have searched a saudi national. i know because he a saudi national there is a little profiling there. they tackled him and they thought she was suspect. he searched his apartment and he is not a good sign. that is not a good sign. >> that lead washed out. there are other leads. i will say that is why they are asking the public to come forward if they have any information about this. so just like you, i'm very
7:27 pm
concerned. as you see the people who were killed and injured and maimed and crippled, an eight-year-old boy. it cries out for justice. >> what is curious, secretary napolitano is saying it does not appear to be a coordinated plot. upon what does she base that. from your briefing, did you get the sense she is reaching to her conclusion based on any specific facts that it is not a plot? >> i have not evidence to indicate that it wasn't a coordinated plot. >> greta: now we are back to where i am. we have homeland security saying it doesn't appear to be a coordinated plot but is there any evidence to back that up? >> i haven't been presented with any evidence that it may not have been a coordinated plot. everything i have been told. >> we don't know at this point. we know it was an act of
7:28 pm
terrorism. >> greta: even i know that. >> in terms of foreign and domestic we can't answer that question. as for specific leads, saudis washed out. >> greta: what is the fear factor. if we can't even tell 30 hours later whether it's coordinator not and we are chasing down somebody that has no connection to it. tonight we are sitting here and we've got an investigation that at least to me on the outside, it looks like we're in trouble. >> in resources i'm told we are throwing every resource we have because it is so important. this is biggest event since 9/11 and we have to get on to the bottom of it. >> greta: i think our best chances is on the ultimate thing
7:29 pm
or cameras. coming man, nice to see you. coming up, there was blood absolutely everywhere. victims were screaming and begging for help. people who just came to watch, they were leaping in action to save lives. the man known as cowboy hat hero tells his story. president obama calling the attack terrorism. is there any new evidence pointing to foreign terror. more on the investigation coming up. opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes!
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>>. >> greta: tonight the f.b.i. and police hunting for the boston marathon terrorists but on out of the unspeakable violence, stories of american heroes are emerging. >> reporter: is carlos and he is from costa rica, he is cowboy hat wearing hero. they don't call him that because he rejects the title. when the bombs go off, he ran to them. >> first explosion, my reaction was to jump the fence and run to the site where the explosion but seconds after the first explosion there was another
7:34 pm
second explosion. it happened only about maybe 50 yards away from the first site. what i did, i went across the street and i jumped the fence right away to see how i can help there. i was shocked to seeing all these bodies laying on the ground with missing limbs and broken legs and people who really looked like they already lost their lives. tell people crying and people asking for help. so we start breaking things down the way, making a space to move these people out. i went straight to this young lady. i called for her to let her know she is okay and she is going to be fine. help is on the way. just stay down and don't move. then i went straight to this young man, at the age of 20 years old. i told him to stay down, that he
7:35 pm
is okay. help on the way and we are going to help you. i pretty much stayed with him because the scene, what i was seeing on this young men without legs was really tragic. my thing was to work with him keep him stable. then i had somebody to help me out. we both started helping out trying to avoid more blood being spilled from his legs. we managed to tie some pieces of cloth, a tourniquet to get him on the wheelchair to get him out there as soon as possible. >> carlos is at the finish line to honor his son, a lance corporal in tha was killed in
7:36 pm
iraq as well as his youngest son that took his own life in 2011. one thing for sure, his heroism will not soon be forgotten. >> greta: i'm curious the mood on the street. obviously last night and it was empty, it was like a ghost town except for the investigators. is business back to usual pretty much? >> business is not back to usual because people realize something extremely significant has happened. it brings us memories of the oklahoma city bombing. there is certainly a strong sense of rebounding, defiance and hope here. we may a little bit more later in the show. >> greta: coming up, chunk hagel calling the bombing a cruel act of terror. was it domestic terrorism or foreign terrorism? our coverage of the boston
7:37 pm
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>> greta: terrorism investigation is under way. but was the attack an act of foreign or domestic terror. national security correspondent jennifer griffith joins us. what are they looking towards? >> i think what is really confusing in the intelligence community they don't know. what i have been told from sources, it was not a jump in jihadist chatter afterwards. usually they look within the first nine or ten minutes of an attack to see if there is a jump in well known sites or any signal intelligence they can intercept overseas. they have not seen anything like that. >> greta: i'm not trying to push this, foreign or domestic terrorism, however, when i hear
7:42 pm
the first thing i think of, maybe the terrorists have gotten smart and they no longer do that chatter anymore. they stopped using cellphones after bin laden. maybe they are not doing that. >> they still have to communicate. >> greta: but they could be doing handoffs? >> i still believe there is enough signal intelligence you would see something at this point in time. what is baffling at the pentagon and elsewhere, the people that monitored these types of things, it's really unusual. they haven't seen anything yet. they can't rule it out. they are saying there are no leads at this point. >> in times square, was there chatter before the times square attempted bombing? >> i don't remember that case to say for sure there was or wasn't. it's usually a few minutes afterwards when there is a spike in the activity.
7:43 pm
>> greta: why is not before? >> i do know the intelligence agencies are going through the last 30 days. they have been ordered to go back and look at the last 30 days to see if any there are any clues. >> greta: what do you make the pakistan taliban have contacted ap, we are not part of this one? >> they have an effective public affairs shop, i will say. interesting they came out, but i wouldn't exactly take them at their word. they said things in the past that weren't exactly true. what is interesting, these bombs, if you look at the way they went off, it was a low explosive yield. we have seen these bombs in pakistan and mumbai. anybody that was trained in afghanistan last ten years, this would have been more powerful bomb. they say it was clear this was
7:44 pm
kind of done from a manual. it doesn't seem like it's very experienced bomb maker. >> greta: so that leads to a lone wolf, inspiration to somebody or maybe doing it himself or herself alone. >> it could be several people, a guy on the internet or inspire magazine that anwar al-awlaki, thousand make a bomb in your mother's kitchen. it doesn't seem that they were done to make a maximum blast. >> greta: for more who could be behind the attack. walid pharis joins us. is there any clues or to heighten your attention to direction who do you think it was foreign or domestic? >> this operation was device
7:45 pm
with two explosions with a targeting of civilians only, this wasn't a federal building or military base. domestic and foreign could have done this. if you take the extremists, if you take a unibomber, mono bomber, can't do it but home-grown jihadists and they can do it. the difference who is practicing this the most? we've heard many guests, we've many read many reports but this has been done in pakistan and other areas. it's not sophisticated, but on the other hand those that have been trained are mostly on the jihadist side. >> greta: it's sort of like convict by odds. who is the most likely. we have to look at the actual evidence to see who it is. the odds sometimes are misleading.
7:46 pm
they send us down the wrong path. we really go in the wrong direction because it seems so obvious because of the odds? >> if we don't have a person apprehend apprehended that is guilty. if we don't have a video we may have a video in the next few weeks or like zawahiri, then we have bottom up. we have to go from the evidence up. we can't go down. at this point in time we compare what is comparable. >> greta: is there any foreign terrorism where they don't take credit for it. if you are going to inflict terror you want to let the victims know you did it. does foreign terrorism ever go without taking credit? >> very little cases, but we have a history of al-qaeda and taliban and jihadists who would wait. they would wait days or weeks and actually zawahiri
7:47 pm
demonstrated weeks after benghazi he was taking credit. get them out of afghanistan and hitting benghazi. we've got to wait to see if international terrorism is interested in this case. >> greta: people come from all over the world to run in this. i would sort of look at this as well. this is not just a local race? >> if you look at the facts, in the future we will see videos, same video we saw in benghazi, have been used by the jihadists. this vision of the fact, it looks like the united nations is going to be a target for strategic things for the terrorists. >> greta: one more i believe person grew up raised here and has an ax to grind. nice to see you. one critical tool in the search
7:48 pm
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7:52 pm
see you joe. do you have any idea whether there are cameras in the immediate vicinity that were doing surveillance? >> there are. that is the epicenter of boston's downtown retail district. it's not far from the boston public library, hotels, we have the prudential center not far away. this is the heart of boston and there are cameras down there and the police said they are collecting surveillance footage as fast as they can. >> greta: do you know how often they loop how much video are they going to have. if they loop every hour, that is much better? >> right. commissioner ed davis said they immediately sent in crews, police to get that surveillance footage as fast as they could. they don't want it to loop. he said that was job number one for a whole segment of the police and they did that right
7:53 pm
after the bombing. >> greta: so in theory, if we are lucky, there will be a video camera who place that had bag there, or there a likelihood? >> very much so. also, the f.b.i. said any of the thousands of people down there, if you have video or photos, still photos, but mostly they want video, share it with the f.b.i. even at the herald we had a few photos come in. this is wired place. people took photos and people took video. >> greta: this is going to be a real gum shoe type investigation. people that might know something that happened in the bombing, thismay know the person from some peculiar purchases or something they have seen in their home. the police are asking for help from everybody, aren't they? >> they are. also, they want you to be a lookout for anyone carrying a heavy black bag. you don't normally see that.
7:54 pm
people want to walk around the city. someone with a heavy black bag or backpack, a lot of people at home, wondering to take a look at photos and videos on their smart phones, do i have something here. >> greta: people are taking videos of everything down at the finish line. if you saw a backpack there, you might notice it. like some unattended bag. anyway, joe, we're hoping this will be solved fast. your city needs it solved and we need it, too. thank you. >> greta: coming up, the governor of massachusetts sending out a nationwide request a college student rescued from the bombing wants to hear from the hero who helped save her. you'll hear from him next.
7:55 pm
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7:59 pm
the man who came to the rescue of a college student hurt in the bombing. sending out a request to find the hero, tonight, the hero respond autos his name is tileler. one of the things he said to her was to show her his own shrapnel wound or scar from his own shrapnel wound from when he was in afghanistan. victoria wants to thank tyler personally f he is out there listening we'd love to hear from tyler so we can connect him to victoria. >> i would love to meet her tell her how strong she was. how much her strength helped me through this situation to help other people. she just seemed like an amazing person. and selfless at the time. she was more concerned about other people getting help than herself. >> greta: thank you for beg


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